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Our security policy:

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Our team takes security seriously. We know we're not infallible and we are always working to improve our security practices.

Jira cloud

All of your Jira issue / project / user data is kept in your Jira Cloud instance. Your data is never stored by our add-on servers. Our addons are simple, static javascript applications which run entirely in your browser. They retrieve the data they require directly from your Atlassian Cloud instance.

Our Jira Cloud versions require the following Atlassian Connect Permissions: Read, Write, Delete.

No personally identifiable information sent.

We do include the license Support Entitlement Number (SEN) to improve your customer support experience. For example, in the event you experience an error and raise a support request we are able to diagnose the problem quicker. We also collect an anonymous and random unique identifier for each browser session, this unique identifier (UUID) is not tied to, or seeded from, a user's personally identifiable information.

Infrastructure Access

Build, test and deployment automation means Easy Agile Team Members do not require or have access to production infrastructure.
Infrastructure is in code enabling us to test changes in test and staging environments before rolling those changes to production environments.
We leverage a Cloud access management platform and enforce team members use of randomly generated passwords (1Password) plus Two Factor Authentication for accessing service provider.

Privacy policy

Our security policy is strictly related to our Privacy Policy.