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Story mapping (ver 1.3)

The 'user story mapping'-mode lets you map your endusers' activities step-by-step to understand their journey.

When you're ready with the product discovery hide user steps by a single click and focus on sprint planning.

Estimations (ver 1.2) - Q4 2021

After this update, you can estimate issues directly from the board. Story points are summarized on the release swimlanes so that you can follow the workload of each sprint.

Moreover, we include our "flash-solution" to adjust story points without hitting a single button on your keyboard.

Minor UI updates.

Updates (ver 1.1) - Q3 2021

We improve massively the view features to provide solution for all needs. So you can zoom in and out the board, and hide epics one by one that are out of scope.

You can choose 3 different card sizes so you can tailor your board for both long and short card titles.

Beta Launch (ver 1.0) - July '21

FlashAgile Beta is available on Atlassian Marketplace, you can start using it for free.

Minor UI updates.

Sprint planning - April '21

You can slice your backlog into sprints. While you can move stories between sprints, you can also start and finish a sprint.

Start and complete sprints without directly from your board. Rearrange incomplete tasks with a single click.

Milestone 2 - January '21

You can set priorities within epics by arranging stories by drag and drop. Card order will be synced to Jira backlog view.

For a better overview of your projects we add a zoom out view.

Milestone 1 - December '20

The "Add Project" wizard is ready - you can add multiple project to your FlashAgile board. You're able to select issue types you'd see: stories, bugs and even tasks.

The "Flash Filters" are ready - so you can filter. cards among projects by their status.

Card layout - story title, status, issue key and sprint are highlighted.

You can collapse a whole project when it's currently out of your scope.

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